Alistair Cockburn’s lightning talk on CQRS recorded at the Mountain West Ruby Conference 2010

Here's Alistair Cockburn's lightning talk on "Command Event DTO Architecture" recorded at the Mountain West Ruby Conference 2010 by He talks about how his Hexagonal Architecture has been extended by Greg Young to form a Command-Event Architecture (aka CQRS).

Mountain West Rubyconf 2010 - Alistair Cockburn - CQRS (

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Rails 3, RSpec and Cucumber setup

This quick how-to runs through creating a new Rails 3 application with both RSpec and Cucumber for testing (rather than Test::Unit).

Rails 3 requires (the somewhat confusingly versioned) RSpec 2 and rspec-rails. Similarly, Cucumber uses cucumber-rails for bootstrapping your Rails app and provides generators for creating features.

Install RSpec 2

sudo gem install rspec-rails --pre

Install Cucumber

sudo gem install cucumber-rails

Create a new Rails 3 application

Ensure you have the latest version of Rails 3 installed then

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