Goodbye Pound, hello NginX

I’ve just finished installing and configuring nginx to replace Pound and thought I’d share my config file to help any other switchers. The main reason for the switch was the Pound REST problem I had been experiencing which meant I would have to upgrade my version of Pound (with major config changes) so I took the opportunity to try nginx.

I basically took Ezra’s example nginx.conf file and modified it for my setup. Which included proxying to a number of mongrel clusters (including one cluster for this blog) and a default proxy redirect to Apache (running on port 81) for all other domains as a catch-all. It’s worth noting that the first server declaration is considered the default for nginx (and hence can be used as a catch-all if you don’t provide a server name). I also enabled gzip page caching which should improve performance.


Goodbye Pound, Hello Nginx (

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